Jason Burrows, Founder of Flood Digital, breaks down his transition from being a touring drummer to building an SEO powerhouse.

Know the why.

Our success lies in taking time to get to know what a true win looks like through our client’s eyes. And what keeps them awake at night. Once this understanding is embedded within our team the acquisition work becomes effortless.

Push toward remarkable.

We don’t waste your time, or ours. Once we start, we don’t stop until we’re taking that sweet, sweet victory lap with you.

Celebrate the wins.

Each step that moves us closer to achieving our goals is a reason to get stoked. We’re pumped about even the smallest minutiae that brings value to our clients and propels your business in the right direction.

Flood Digital was born from an uncontrollable obsession with helping companies bolster their brand in an authentic and valuable way.

Playing drums in the most viewed independent band on YouTube (13.1 million subscribers and 4.8 billion views, nbd), Jason Burrows knows how to work hard and go big. He was so passionate about starting this company and solving problems that he literally formed Flood Digital from the back of a tour bus in Europe in 2010. What started as an SEO agency quickly expanded its core services to meet client needs and market demand. With prior years of experience in rapid growth marketing agencies, Jason knew that he had created something special that would change the game.

Our team are specialists in their field. We don’t mess around with generalists, because we live and die by connecting the right customer with our clients to drive acquisition and profits through the roof. Our time-tested strategies are on top of cutting-edge technology, while never resorting to trendy or short-term games that don’t provide value in the long run. We are focused on sustained growth, and our talented team has the agility to make things happen quickly. Want to put your hard-earned dollars to work with a team of unrivaled pros and the most impactful marketing services in the biz?


Welcome to Flood Digital.