An SEO strategy is the difference between a user clicking on your website or a rival’s website.

The only way you can dominate the search engines is with the right techniques.

Google reportedly receives more than 100 billion searches each month. So, appearing at the top of a handful of search pages can have a big impact on your business.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to pay a considerable amount of money to embark on an SEO strategy.

That’s why we’re offering 10 affordable SEO solutions for your business.

1. High-Quality Website Content

It doesn’t cost much to feature well-written copy on your website.

If you have an affinity for words, all it will cost you is a little bit of time.

Don’t make the big mistake of thinking you should stuff content with keywords.

Not only is this unappealing to the reader, but Google won’t hesitate to penalize a website in the SERPs.

To rank well, you must create high-quality, relevant copy on your website.

So, write engaging blogs, informative product descriptions and pay close attention to grammar.

The content should also reflect your brand’s tone of voice and message.

If don’t class yourself as a confident wordsmith, you can outsource professional writers.

By doing so, you can pay them by the article or service and not by the day.

So, it will not cost a significant amount of money to feature high-quality copy on your website.

2. Keywords

Well-written content is a Google ranking signal.

So, it is important not to embark with keyword-stuffing practices.

Yet, that doesn’t mean you cannot integrate keywords naturally throughout the copy.

You should aim to identify the essential keywords to maximize your online exposure.

What’s more, you should also choose the web pages to feature those essential keywords.

For example, you’d add the keyword “paid search services” on the paid search sub-page.

An affordable SEO strategy for keywords and phrases is the Google Adwords tool.

Search for a new keyword and ad group ideas, before entering a few terms and clicking on the “get ideas” button.

Once you have found the perfect keywords, you can select the best pages for the keywords.

Don’t forget, you should not stuff them across your website. Use the keywords to aid the user experience (UX).

You should also use the primary keywords in titles for both SEO and UX purposes.

Click here to learn more about keyword research.

3. Link Building

Your website’s backlink profile will make or break your company’s SEO success.

It’s no longer possible to manufacture a strong backlink profile.

Google is smarter and wiser than a few years ago, so don’t even think about black hat techniques unless you want a penalty.

If you want to become a trusted website, you will have to earn it.

You must strive to attract organic SEO backlinks from trusted websites.

The most affordable SEO strategy for attracting backlinks is by writing high-quality content.

Websites will be more than happy to link to your blog if you offer valuable copy.

The more trusted websites that link back to your website, the more Google will trust in your services.

Your reward will be visibility at the top of the search engine result pages.

4. On-Page SEO

The most affordable SEO strategies are often the most effective

You should never overlook the importance of optimizing your web pages to rank high in the SERPs.

You might hear the term “on-page SEO” and believe it sounds complicated, but it isn’t at all.

On-page SEO is a summary of simple changes you must make to your pages, such as:

Title Tag

Make sure your title tag reflects the page’s aim. You should ensure it features your target keyword, and that it reads well in 70 characters or less.

Meta Description

The meta description is a summary of the page.

While it will not have much of an impact on your page rankings, it will help your click-through rate.

So, write a relevant description that will encourage traffic to your website.

User-Friendly URLs

It is advisable to create user-friendly URLs that are both short and well-written.

Don’t forget to include a primary keyword in the URL, which will help both Google and the user to learn about the page.

Keyword Frequency

We cannot reiterate enough the importance of not stuffing your content with keywords.

Yet, you should still ensure you use the phrases a couple of times throughout the website content.

5. Internal Linking

Many websites often overlook the importance of internal linking.

It’s an affordable SEO tactic because all it will cost you is a small amount of time.

All you have to do is link one page to another page on the same website.

As well as capturing Google’s attention, it can help the reader navigate a website. As a result, this will reduce your bounce rate, which will also aid an SEO strategy.

Internal linking also helps Google to index your website pages with ease. What’s more, it can improve your website’s ranking for select keywords.

The linking strategy is a great way to state an URL’s relevancy to a keyword, whilst passing on SEO juice to a page.

6. A Mobile Responsive Website

Mobile technologies now account for two of every three minutes spent online.

So, internet users are performing searches on their smartphones and tablets over desktop.

Google focuses on improving the user experience. For this reason, mobile responsiveness is now a ranking factor.

So, you can expect a penalty in the SERPs if you do not have a mobile responsive website.

You can create a bespoke mobile responsive website or you could use one of the many free or low-cost templates.

Whatever you choose, you should focus on a smooth, easy-to-use and adaptable design.

7. Boost Your Website’s Speed

Did you know that 39% of people will click away from a website if the images will not load or take too long?

A website’s speed is so important that Google stated it was a ranking signal back in 2010.

As stated, Google cares about the user experience, so it is important websites offer a fast speed.

If it doesn’t, you can trust the website will quickly drop down the search engine result pages.

Don’t forget, a slow website will also increase your bounce rate. So, it can play havoc with your SEO campaign.

There are affordable SEO strategies to boost your website’s speed.

For example, remove or reduce high-resolution images, slow videos, and cached pages. You should also consider changing to a faster hosting provider.

If you’re using a CMS platform such as WordPress, ensure you remove any plugins and add-ons you don’t use.

8. Connect with Influencers

You don’t have to spend money to make money.

One affordable SEO strategy that should not be overlooked is connecting with influencers.

Try to start networking with influential individuals and companies on social media.

Reach out to celebrities and bloggers, asking for them to promote your products for free or for a fee.

You could also start connecting with like-minded professionals. As they might be happy to link back or promote your products or services on their website or on social media.

All it could take is one external promotion to drive a significant amount of traffic to your website.

9. Create an XML Sitemap

Do you want to make it easier for Google to crawl your website?

You should create an XML sitemap, especially if it features plenty of script and flash.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure how to do it. There is software available to help simplify the creation.

If in doubt, turn to an affordable SEO specialist to create an XML sitemap for your website.

10. Social Media Integration

Stand out online and create a strong social media campaign.

This is integral for an affordable SEO strategy, as a brand can connect with people from across the world.

So, set up pages on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

This will help to improve your brand awareness whilst driving valuable website traffic.

It will also help to boost your website’s backlink profile.

Also, integrate social media buttons across your website to encourage online engagement.

Start Your Affordable SEO Strategy

A successful SEO strategy doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

There are affordable SEO solutions to boost your online exposure and website referrals.

Don’t forget to also pay close attention to different SEO trends.

The search engines can be subject to unexpected change. So, research and immediately respond to the changes to stay one step ahead of your rivals.

A failure to do so could result in you having to play catch-up with your online competitors.

Remember, an SEO campaign can take time, so have a little patience and perseverance.

You can guarantee you will notice the results that will help you become the competition.

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