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How many times have you spent money, month after month, on SEO and other digital marketing strategies to only leave your restoration business with zero results?

Or maybe you got a small return but not even enough to cover your marketing expense.

There are several ways to drive “traffic” and leads to your restoration business but nothing compares to creating a predictable stream of activity by doubling down on growing a strong referral network. Nothing. 

You can have the most optimized website on the planet, receiving a high volume of visitors, but a stacked trusted network of partners that regularly send you business is by far the most inevitable way to grow your restoration business.

Don’t be fooled. Trying to rank your website in a crowded market is not the most effective route for attracting consistent water, fire, and mold jobs. 

Restoration Digital Marketing

You need a direct channel to partners that will provide repeat business.


Here’s the deal…

What if I were to tell you of a place where you could laser target and hand select the type of referral partners you’d like to do business with? 

How many would you want?

Imagine each one of these ideal partners has a station set up and someone could stop by, on your behalf, and start the conversation with each of them to see if they’d be able to regularly refer you business.  

What if these ideal referral partners, that needed the restoration services you provide, reached out to you weekly to discuss and build a relationship that was beneficial for years to come?

What would your business look like?

How much time would you spend at this place?

How much money would you invest growing your outreach here?

For a lot of you, you’re probably thinking this might be the only place you’ll focus your marketing. Especially if you knew there was one spot that you could go and find every single ideal referral partner…

This place exists.

It’s called LinkedIn.

But its not the same LinkedIn you currently have at your finger tips. We’ll dive deeper into that shortly. Hang tight.

 Picture of LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently surpassed 500 MILLION users and is growing faster than ever. The momentum is unstoppable. Soon the network will be over a BILLION users no question.

More importantly they have the most affluent demographic than any other online platform on the entire web.

Every single person you need in your referral network to help you 10X your restoration business and gain predictability in cash flow is on LinkedIn.

The problem is most people don’t know how to properly leverage the platform to build relationships and grow their business.

It’s almost viewed as this confusing thing and they don’t know what to do. The problem is they’re looking at it through the wrong lens.

A couple mistakes people are making:

First, they expect to get “traffic” from LinkedIn. Due to bad overhyped SEO tactics everyone is obsessed with traffic when honestly those numbers are incredibly unimportant if the audience isn’t engaging with your website or picking up the phone and calling your restoration business.

LinkedIn isn’t about traffic. It’s about building long lasting business relationships but there’s a specific way you need to go about it.

This approach is important because the goal is to set up a sustainable partnership where you provide a service that agents, adjusters, plumbers, roofing companies, a/c companies, etc… desperately need in order to keep their business and relationships thriving. But you must be positioned as an authority and someone they can trust – cut through the noise. 

Secondly, people that are trying to proactively use the platform instantly pitch their new connections. This is NOT how to bring them into your world and introduce how you can provide value.

This is the place to attract high quality referral partners that will change the face of your business. For years to come.

There’s absolutely no better way to get a stronger bang for your marketing dollar.

Lets think about the 80/20 rule where 80% of your referral business comes from 20% of your network.

How to get more water damage restoration jobs

How would your business change if you could hand select the referral partners that match the exact make up of the 20% that actually brings you big business?

That’s exactly what our strategy coupled with Linkedin allows you to do.

If you could have, at minimum, 12 conversations each month with highly qualified, high-end potential referral partners over the course of a year how many would become long lasting relationships? 

Think about it.

Over the course of a year, you had at minimum 144 pre-qualified potential partners reach out to you and raise their hand requesting to discuss further about how they want to refer you water, fire, mold, etc.. work. 

How many would become long lasting referral partners? Feel free to think worse case scenario.

More importantly, lets talk about lifetime value of the professionals that refer you business.

What does that number look like?

Now lets tie it to our number that represents your worse case scenario of connecting with these ideal referral candidates over the course of a year.

Pretty sure we can both agree the powerful impact this process would have on your restoration business. Not only the first year. This isn’t just about year one. This would be working for you for years and years to come.

The numbers get crazy exciting for you. A high ROI isn’t the question, its how high. 

So how do you do it? How do you get these kinds of results?

You do it by implementing a referral partner acquisition strategy that leverages smart automation, warm outreach, and manual follow up.

This is the exact system we use to grow lucrative referral networks for our restoration clients every single day.

First step is to identify the perfect avatar of what kind of professional you’d like to connect with.

Is it an agent, adjuster, roofer, plumber, a/c company? Or maybe all the above?

We create that profile.

Then we leverage a product Linkedin provides called Sales Navigator. This allows us to get extremely granular and put them into an extensive list.

Secondly, we employ a cutting edge strategy that allows us to reach out to each person with a custom message introducing them to your business and what you provide.  

Never before have you had such a direct channel to the people that you need in your corner to explode your business.

Once we bring them into your world we introduce them to your company, but not in a shallow salesy way but in a way that provides value.

Then we leverage automation to follow up with them.




Restoration marketing


This is where the magic begins because we complete these tasks at such a high rate that we’re able to weed out the non-responsive and non-interested instantly.

It allows the perfect partners that need you right now and in the future to stand up, raise their hand asking for a conversation about how you can handle the restoration services they need help with.




Restoration digital marketing


It’s the kind of scale a disaster restoration business dreams of.

We then continue to qualify until it makes sense for you to hop on a call, meet for coffee, or connect in whatever way suits you best.

And you’re off to the races.

We run all sorts of digital marketing campaigns but we’ve never seen the kind of return and response rate as we’ve experienced with this referral partner acquisition strategy.

Feel free to reach out if you’d like to discuss how we can help grow your referral network! 


To Your Success,

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