Within seconds of landing on your water damage site your potential customer has already made up their mind whether they’re going to call you or your restoration competitor. Needless to say this first impression should be treated like gold.

Scratch that, treated like Plutonium.

After years of testing, here’s my first piece of advice:


We all know this principle. It’s a design rule that states that things work better when there’s a simple process at play rather than a complex one.

Well, it’s no different here.

Especially here.

We’re talking about converting a potential customer into a phone call during what could be the most stressful moment of their year or decade.

If you’re standing up to your ankles in a flooded basement do you want to sort through a site that appears to have ADD?!

Unfortunately that’s the vibe that most landing and homepages give off.

You want to make them feel calm, not more anxious than they already are.

Potential customers should be able to navigate your site with ease and should without a doubt be mobile friendly.

If your site or landing pages aren’t mobile friendly then stop reading this and get that fixed now.

Use this link to check your site.

Go for it, I’ll wait.

Here’s an example of a very clear landing page. There’s no question what service is provided and what number to call in the case of an emergency.

Be clear and concise with your messaging

Don’t make your potential customer search for what services you provide or how to reach you.

Whatever you do, don’t let your landing page be overwhelming. If you force your potential customer to work for the message you’re trying to convey you’ll lose the call.


Your potential customer needs help, not a sales brochure or biography.


Aside from a crystal clear landing page, the next most important element is the CTA. Your call to action must be obvious. This is even more relevant when you’re offering emergency services such as water damage restoration. “Call Now” is likely your best bet in this scenario.

Make sure there are multiple ways for the user to connect with you e.g. 24/7 phone number, form, etc… and that you have a click-to-call feature enabled for mobile.

Through various stages of testing we’ve found that the majority of users would rather call than fill out a form so think twice before presenting your web traffic with a form that takes up precious real estate on your homepage.

Don’t forget that the #1 focus of your site/landing page is to generate leads and jobs so you can provide value to a home or business owner in a time of need. Always  drive the user to your call to action. Don’t disrupt the agenda.


Before And After Photos

There isn’t a better way to build trust than to show your work. When you’re able to clearly present evidence of how you’ve helped people in their exact situation you’re instantly getting them to know, like, and trust you before they even pick up the phone.


Research shows that 91% of people searching for a service or product explore reviews from previous customers. Regardless of whether you actively seek out reviews or not they will show up in a Google search which will inevitably form an opinion about your company in the mind of your potential customer.

Be proactive and start asking for reviews!

Always remember to keep it simple. Don’t overwhelm your potential customers and you’ll be one step ahead of your competition.

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