Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a highly controversial topic. Honestly search engines themselves would rather it not even exist. SEs like Google, Yahoo, and Bing don’t want you to forcefully “optimize” to rank #1.

They want to serve you up on a throne, like a king, because you deserve to be there due to reputation, value, and relevance.

Google exerts a ton of effort to rid the market of search engine manipulation and yet it still seems to be one of the chief services that digital marketing agencies sell and something almost every business with a service or product is looking for.

Unfortunately the SEO industry is full of con artists and companies that can’t achieve what they promise. The moment I hear a client bring up SEO with the absence of any detail, I assume one of these companies got to them.

The breakdown is the obsession with ranking #1, often times for keywords that have no chance in increasing their bottom line.

Effective SEO is all about taking the increase in relevant search engine traffic and coupling it with the rate at which that traffic performs a task on your site e.g. fills out a form, adds items to a shopping cart, clicks for directions, etc… or better yet picks up the phone and calls you.

Stop obsessing over the ranking and focus on what digital marketing strategies will grow your business.

Here are 3 things you can do directly to increase relevant traffic that need your service or product the exact moment they land on your site:

#1 Content on your site that answers questions your audience is asking

The best thing you can do to serve the people you’re trying to reach is provide valuable content that answers the questions they’re already asking. We have a tool specifically designed to provide us with queries that people are typing based on a keyword. Super effective. You can do something similar by using a free tool called


#2 Reputation Marketing

More than ever you need to spend time working on 5 star reviews. Not only does social proof build trust and authority it also helps you rank higher. Most everyone conducts research about a service or product before they become a customer. It’s a fact. Reviews help shortcut the research process and allows the user to make a decision faster.

This is why we’ve created a reputation marketing service offering that makes it super easy for you to seamlessly capture 4 and 5 star reviews from your customers.

Consume yourself with capturing positive proof about your company and watch conversions skyrocket.


#3 Mobile Friendly Website

It’s the standard. If your site isn’t mobile then I guarantee you have some penalties from Google. At this point it’s what your customers want and they expect you to provide it. More and more everyday your potential customers aren’t sitting in front of a laptop or desktop. They’re accessing your company from their phones and tablets. The search engines know this which is why it’s become a major ranking factor.

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