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If you are trying to grow your company online, then you know that SEO is the cornerstone of all online traffic. Not only does the practice of search engine optimization make it easier for people to find you in search engines, it can also make it easier for people to find your other platforms, like social media accounts.

However, managing SEO on your own is not an easy task. It takes a complex balance of knowledge about the local Orlando area as well as technical experience and strong written communication skills. That’s why finding an Orlando SEO company that can help your business grow is so vital.


Geographically Targeted Strategies

orlando_seo_companyIf you run a company that services Central Florida, then you don’t need solutions that drive traffic to your site based on national trends. This is a big mistake we see all the time. In fact, in many ways that could hurt you, because it could result in leads that are dead on arrival due to the potential customer’s  location.

It could also result in targeting the wrong keywords or developing the wrong brand message for your area. When you work with an agency like ours, you gain the help of an Orlando SEO company that understands the fact that over a third of all internet searches are looking for local results.

Geographic targeting gets even easier when you understand that having a local company focused on your strategy means having a resource whose research is based in your area. That means more than having a geo-targeted keyword lineup that brings in the right local searches, it also means the company will have an on-the-ground feel for the local culture that goes beyond demographics and allows them to make the most relevant recommendations possible for your entire brand.


Site Optimization for an Orlando, Florida Audience

When you work on building your brand around local search results, you have to do more than just adjust geographic keywords. You have to know the area, from the outlying suburbs and nearby cities like Sanford, Lake Mary, Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Doctor Phillips, and Maitland to the nightlife in Central Orlando. You also need to be able to employ multiple strategies for bringing in those local clients. Here is how PROCESS helps with that:

  • Deep Keyword research with your exact audience in mind. Visitors with “buyers intent”.
  • On-site SEO rewrites and content redesign that helps your customers find what they need fast
  • Link building opportunities that hold tons of weight for Orlando specifically
  • Content marketing strategies that solve problems and answer the questions that your audience is already asking.

Those strategies support your efforts at building locally targeted traffic to your site by ensuring that all of the efforts that are brought to bear reflect your end goals.


Keyword Research

It’s impossible to have a good SEO strategy until you fully understand which relevant search terms you should target.

These search terms are the phrases that your picture-perfect potential customer or client is using to type into Google to find an answer or solution to their needs.

When you bring in our company, based here in Orlando, and put us to work for your business, you get the ability to access ongoing keyword research utilizing the top SEO and keyword tools in the space; both proprietary and commercial.

We built an AI tool that allows us to see and latch onto trends by the second. Super effective, super fast. It’s forever evolving so we have to stay on top and move with the momentum. It also means you will be able to count on having the help you need to heuristically evaluate the results your content marketing is or isn’t achieving for you.

Aside from our own artificial intelligence keyword tool we also love using tools like SEMrushKeyword Planner , and Uber Suggest. These are all powerful resources to have in your back pocket whether you’re working with an SEO company or doing it yourself.


On-Site SEO

Developing trustworthy content and redesigning your site for an ideal user experience shouldn’t be taken lightly and it surely doesn’t happen overnight, which gives you even more reason to get started on it ASAP.

You can begin with your existing pages and content because these will definitely need to be modified based on new keyword research. For example, there’s a good chance you have pages on your site that’s targeting multiple keywords. This is a prime example of something that should be cleaned up. We highly suggest against this because if done improperly it will confuse Google and you won’t get anywhere. Or maybe you need a fresh look at meta descriptions, title tags, alt tags, etc.  not to mention internal linking opportunities.

The good news is all of this is easily obtainable with help from local SEO experts like the team here at Process.


Link Building

Google still confesses that one of the top 3 ranking factors is links pointing to your site. This is an extremely controversial subject though. Back in the day it was super easy to manipulate the system and get extremely high rankings by purchasing black hat links. You could also use a lot of exact match anchor texts but obviously Google got wise quickly and updated the algorithm to get rid of sites who participated in this kind of link building.

Its all about true manual outreach. This is a hard process but by far one of the most important to do right. Don’t skimp on this! You’ll be penalized.

PROCESS uses white-hat link building for all our Orlando SEO clients, meaning that we avoid irrelevant or spam-oriented linking in favor of a strategy that rewards hard work. Many SEOs still cut corners and use things like PBNs but they simply don’t work anymore. You want to target relevant authority sites with a high domain authority. That’s where link building will in fact increase your rankings.


Content Marketing Strategy

The key to your entire SEO process is a sound content marketing strategy.

That means you need to work with a partner who truly understands the tone of your brand message and the problems that need to be solved for your customers.

Unfortunately it’s not just about publishing great content that solves problems and answers questions. That’s a great start but it’s only the beginning. You have to work hard to get that content in front of your audience. One of our favorite ways is through guest posts. Another really potent technique is reaching out to influencers to share on social media.



Search engine optimization is an ongoing process, and one that needs to be carefully managed to be effective. That means working with a local partner who understands SEO to be an ongoing effort, and whose process management-oriented approach is designed to get you the return on investment that your company needs to pull ahead. That’s the difference that we make for our clients, and it makes our Orlando SEO efforts all the more successful.

We’d love to hear from you! Reach out with any questions or give us a call at (321) 430-1880.