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increase in
organic traffic

A pioneering SaaS enterprise underwent a transformative rebranding, accompanied by a shift in its URL, leading to a significant decline in rankings and authority. Leveraging our innovative SEO Sprints methodology, we swiftly and effectively restored and even surpassed organic traffic levels within a mere three months.

traffic sources:

Diversifying client growth across multiple channels, we’ve quadrupled traffic sources, with Paid Search and Organic Search taking the forefront. Our approach optimizes client exposure while simultaneously reducing ad spend.

top 3 keyword position ascension

Profit-generating keywords for a home services company ascend to the top 1-3 positions in organic rankings.

increase in
website clicks

Website clicks skyrocket by 1,325%, attributed to strategic technical enhancements, effective content strategy, and the implementation of high-authority link building.

increase in
highly targeted site traffic

In just 8 months, we nearly tripled the traffic of a prominent real estate portal, achieving remarkable growth and engagement.

increase in
organic traffic

Achieved an astounding 4,000% surge in organic traffic within a span of two years.

traffic increase
in 2 months

Successfully quadrupled traffic within a span of just two months, showcasing rapid and impactful growth.

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